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    Started with an idea back in 2020. 

    The concept of Lingeries Xotica was created to bridge the gap for people wishing to buy themselves or their partners Lingerie without the embarassment that can sometimes follow from visiting an in-person store.

    It started Off with just 2 people being Jason and Chelsea who brought the business to life and now we have 6 lovely people working with us in a range of roles from customer service to distributions to product aquisition.

    Each day multiple sites are combed for the latest in Lingerie trends. From this point reviews are combed through to ensure that the product is currently meeting customers standards. After this the distributor is tested to ensure they have adequate supply of each product avaliable. From time to time some products become no longer avaliable at which stage an alternate distributor is sourced or the product removed and replaced with a similar more relibale product.

    We have collaborated with multiple companies in the United Staes aswll as abroad to bring you the latest and greatest in Lingerie.